Wednesday, July 11, 2012

fun 4th of July Weekend!!!

 Carter just got a strike!!!
 My parents (Grandma, and Grandpa White) are so Wonderful at making and keeping family traditions ALIVE. On the 3rd we always go bowling at the Logan lanes bowling ally. Walk over and get ice cream from Charlie's. and watch the fireworks from the parking lot! It is so much fun joking around with one another, and enjoying the wonderful family that we have!

 We love going to the parade in Hyrum!!! Gavin had more fun eating chips, and waving his little flag than he did catching candy!
 all the youngsters enjoying their fat boys after a long hot day!
 One of my many super hero's!
 My mom does some of the funnest things with all the grandkids. Since the Olympics are close, She had the kids run with the torch, long jump,swim, running races. (a lot of what they do in the games.) and some fun ones... like catching cheeto's on their hats!
Our 4th of July was wonderful!!!! 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


 Jason made the kids a sandbox! It turned out really nice. Gavin LOVES it!
 Those blue eyes Melt my heart!
 Gavin loves being outside! Has way toooooo much energy!
 Gavin loved going to Carter's soccer games. He has turned into quite the cheerleader!
 Enjoying time with "Pampa White"
 Gavins signature face..... If only he could do that while doing his somersaults!



 Carter graduated Kindergarten! He sure has enjoyed school, learning to read, and making new friends. He cant wait for 1st Grade!!
 Memorial Day: we as a family meet in Paradise for their fireman breakfast! It is always fun to chit chat, and watch the kids play on the playground. Carter always climbing around like a monkey!
 He loves playing soccer! He is such a large boy.... it honestly would make everyone laugh while he bulldozed through the smaller children!
 He makes my heart smile!!
 Carter found one of Jason's old bows, that has been lying around the house. He started playing around with it! and has actually gotten really good with it. There is not even a site on it or anything!

Not a bad shot!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Thanks to my great sister in law.... showing me how to work this new stuff, We are back!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


this new blogging stuff is pissing me off!!! I have tried 5 times to upload pictures. and posts. but someone needs to show me how to work this! I guess that is what i get for being so behind on technology!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Almost 6 months behind!

Holy cow! Has it really been that long!? So much has happened. So many fun memories! Many pictures to come! That is what happens when the computer poop 's the bed!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Trying to catch up!!!

 For our Smith Family Reunion this year, We all met at the quilting center out in Paradise to donate some of out time, and sweet skills. We finished to quilts, and made a bunch of balls, and stuffed bunnies.  It is always so much fun getting together with all of us!

 Grandma White took Carter to see all the Gingerbread houses in Logan. I sent him along with the Camera!! He loved the one that looked like the temple!!
 My mom takes us all to Salt Lake for her Christmas present to us. We all love going down there. This year we left a little earlier than everyone else, and stopped by Cabela's, and IKEA! 
(Madi and Carter thought the drop off in the parking lot was pretty cool!)
 Gavin loved the fish
 Not so much the Bear!
 The elk takes a better picture than these two!!! lol
 We let the kids have a few tries on the shooting game! Carter shot the skunk and it squirt him!

We all met back at the hotel for some swimming, and pizza. (pictures to come!) 
The following morning we ate breakfast, swam some more, and played some killer minute to win it games. Then headed across the street to the Grand America hotel to find the stars in the cute window displays. There is were this last picture was taken. It was over 4 hundred pounds of Gingerbread. Then we all headed to Chuck a Rama to stuff our faces!!! The company is always great when we are together as a family! We sure missed Landon being there this year! We will be able to skyp with him on Christmas!!! We all cant wait!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Catching up on my Crazy life!

 He looks like a freaking caveman! You could at least smile Jason.
 Before the men left for their Wyoming hunt Jason shot a 17 inch spike!
 The whole gang up in Wyoming during their hunt...Jason is taking the picture!
 Carter literally had the time of his life. I would call every evening.. and he would just grab the phone, say I love you and run off, to have more fun! Looks like it caught up to him!
 Jason's Cousin Brian brought his son Cade up to join in the fun! Cade and Carter always have so much fun when they get together!
 This is one of my favorite pictures! Carter and Grandpa Paul have such a great relationship! I cant thank Paul enough for being such an amazing Grandpa, Father, and Father-in-law!
Gavin was so excited to see them when the finally returned home! He didnt have time to put his pants on before he was out the door helping them unpack!

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Where in the heck did my baby go? I cried... Still crying. I seriously wanted to get in my car, and follow that bus until it got to the school, then sit with Jason's scope and watch him all afternoon. I know Im creepy! I knew this day would be hard for me. But I am so proud of the little(big) man Carter has grown into. He is the most caring, happy, lovable, silly, crazy kid I know. Gavin and I are sure going to miss him in the afternoons. Its already too quiet around here. 
Good luck babe! we love you!

Monday, August 22, 2011

More of our Busy Summer.

 Carter at the rodeo. Gangsta style.!
 Jason, Gavin and Brycie!! Britt was in the picture but backed out at the last second.... URG!
 Carter brushing our cousin Shandee's Pig at the fair right before she was to show it. She was so patient with Carter and his 5000 questions.
 Carter took swimming lessons this year from Deb Hammond. She always does such a great job. She was also so patient with Carter.... He honestly looks like he is fighting with the water when he tries to swim. He kicks like he is riding a bike.... lol its the darndest thing!
 But he enjoyed every minute of it. Playtime was his FAVORITE!
Just another stop at the sno-barn!