Wednesday, July 11, 2012

fun 4th of July Weekend!!!

 Carter just got a strike!!!
 My parents (Grandma, and Grandpa White) are so Wonderful at making and keeping family traditions ALIVE. On the 3rd we always go bowling at the Logan lanes bowling ally. Walk over and get ice cream from Charlie's. and watch the fireworks from the parking lot! It is so much fun joking around with one another, and enjoying the wonderful family that we have!

 We love going to the parade in Hyrum!!! Gavin had more fun eating chips, and waving his little flag than he did catching candy!
 all the youngsters enjoying their fat boys after a long hot day!
 One of my many super hero's!
 My mom does some of the funnest things with all the grandkids. Since the Olympics are close, She had the kids run with the torch, long jump,swim, running races. (a lot of what they do in the games.) and some fun ones... like catching cheeto's on their hats!
Our 4th of July was wonderful!!!! 

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Amy Parker said...

What a cute family. It was so good to see you last week at the mendon fireworks. You look great and so so happy. Love ya